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Our team is focused on developing and advancing the adoption of technologies that better the world. We aim to lead a more sustainable future that prioritizes human health as well as the health of our wonderful planet.

RussKap Atmospheric Water Generation is a revolutionary innovation that is paving the way forward in establishing a healthy and efficient method of drinking water provision. Our technology has made possible a long term solution to the world’s water crisis. What was once science fiction is now a reality and we intend to continue breaking barriers in advancing sustainable living for all walks of life.

Russkap Atmoshperic Water Generators:

The Future of Water Has Arrived.

You have come to the right place for clean water solutions for the world.

Russkap AWG Water has a comprehensive product line including different size units based on what is the highest performing product for each specific need

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Words From Our Clients

"The RussKap units, the Maxim and the Tiffany, have redefined water logistics for the marine corps."

US Marine Corps Commander

"Best tasting water! The taste is incredible, healthy and pure."

Owner, Green Pineapple Wellness Center.

"I appreciate that they don't use chlorine, but rather the EPA recommended ozone treatment, and the taste of this water is excellent."

Homeowner in California

Frequently Asked Questions

The water generated by the machines uses an ozone purification process and is infused with essential minerals – magnesium and calcium – to produce alkaline water with a stabilized pH level of 7.6-8.1.

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