Atmospheric Water Generation

Our company is the leading supplier of the best technology for atmospheric water generation which produces safe and secure drinking water using the EPA’s recommended Ozone disinfectant treatment

The future of water has arrived.

Russkap Holdings, LLC is the premier supplier of atmospheric water generators in the world.

Russkap Holdings is recognized as the company that is responsible for producing safe, secure drinking water, using a patented ozone water treatment that is recognized by
the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency).

Helping to prevent the spread of Covid -19, our units use a touchless dispenser and can be bought using PPP funds for those eligible.

Russkap Units

The Tiffany Unit
Up to 12 gallons

The Quench Unit
Up to 100 gallons

$37,500 + Shipping

The Maxim Unit
Up to 200 gallons

All the units use the patented ozone treatment.

All units are also modified for the military to work with ease of transport and all units can be equipped with solar or battery power
1 +

Russkap units saved the environment from thousands of water bottles reducing plastics per day