Covid Productive Lineup

Delivering covid personal protective equipment for your home, office, schools, houses of worship, or hospital. Russkap Holdings, LLC PPE is pleased to partner with revolutionary covid testing products and provide basic PPE for companies that need them.

Russkap Holdings, has developed sustainable, reliable, and dependable supplies of personal protection equipment. Top quality 3 ply masks level 3, made in the USA, medical grade, FDA certified are available.  In addition, gloves, sanitizer solutions, and sprays that offer  14 day protection.

In addition, our innovative technology includes a revolutionary product, a non-invasive testing mechanism which provides results in less time and better accuracy than existing testing platforms, the cuff test for covid.

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Utilize our atmospheric water generating equipment, as it includes a touch-less activation system, eliminating any contact which could spread covid or other viruses. Traditional water fountains and water coolers should be replaced with our covid 19 reducing technologies that offer touch-less  dispensing

RussKap Holdings is pleased to announce the partnership with Tiger Tech for the Covid Plus Technology. Minimum orders 1000 units (first order)