Environmental Remediation

Aerosolization Equity Investments, LLC

RussKap Holdings’ dynamic partnership with Aerosolization Equity Investments, LLC is offering the technology that has the ability to clean up toxic water.

This technology has a combined research and development agreement (CRADA) with the Department of Defense and is available to clean up large bodies of toxic water.

The scientific process is called “Aerosolization” and  Aerosolization Equity Investments, LLC holds 5 issued utility patents on the system and method in dealing with the particles that would form algae.  The process is both offensively and defensively very effective against any type of algae.

The video below indicates how the contaminating particles are encapsulated/clump and “fall out” of solution to visualize how the constituents of the algae would be captured and/or directed away from feeding the surface and waterborne algae. 

The particles can be encapsulated and sent to the bottom of the body of water or taken out of the body of water and captured on-shore. Nozzles are changed as needed for the desired purpose.