RussKap Environmental

RussKap Environmental offers a suite of products that greatly enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of water-based products ranging from soil topicals to fire extinguishers.

All RussKap Environmental products are eco-friendly and greatly improve the efficiency and sustainability of water conservation, fire prevention and resistance, and soil/plant health and growth. In addition to high product quality and performance, RussKap Environmental products are entirely safe for kids, pets, and the environment.

Soil MD Topical

Soil MD Topical is a proprietary fine particle powder blend for demanding environments and most plants. Soil MD Topical easily mixes with water and offers no risk of plant burn, allowing it to be spread on golf courses and various turfs with all types of commercial spray rigs. Soil MD Topical is the effective, efficient, and non-toxic answer to your vegetation’s water needs, especially in times of drought and water shortages.

Soil MD Granular

Ideal for seeding, sodding, and sprigging, as well as planting trees and shrubs, Soil MD Granular enhances and supercharges your water. Reduce irrigation needs and improve plant growth with this revolutionary granular.

Soil MD Dust Control

Soil MD Dust Control is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective solution to efficiently suppress particulate matter from entering air and water – solving the most stubborn dust problems. This ecologically-safe soil conditioner will work effectively and safely on all types of surfaces, soil types, dirt roads, equestrian riding areas, construction sites, and more.

FireStorm Weld Shield

FireStorm Weld Shield provides a lasting, heat-resistant protective layer, effective
up to 5,000° Fahrenheit.

Because of its advanced molecular technology, FireStorm Weld Shield protects surrounding surfaces from heat transfer by providing a protective layer on any medium and preventing damage caused by charring, burning, or ignition.

FireStorm Weld Shield is also non-toxic, less corrosive than competitor products, and cleans up easily with just a rinse of water.

FireStorm XT Suppression Solutions

FireStorm XT is the latest in cutting edge fire suppression technology.

FireStorm XT is an eco-friendly, easy-to-use, easy-to-clean suppressant designed to efficiently, cool, and suppress heat-related events.