At RussKap Holdings, we are committed to improving business and consumer operations with forward-thinking solutions while advancing quality, sustainability, and efficiency.

About Us

We are a passionate and experienced team that specializes in innovative solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency – all while advancing sustainability and preserving convenience.

What We Do

Through leveraging our knowledge and resources, we provide results-driven business solutions for our clients to enhance and improve their operations with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.

Our team is proficient in developing and advancing the adoption of technologies that better the world as we aim to lead a more sustainable future that prioritizes human health as well as the health of our wonderful planet.

RussKap Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) has revolutionized water sourcing by harnessing the abundance of water in the air around us. RussKap AWG provides a healthy, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly source of clean drinking water.

RussKap Environmental offers a suite of products that greatly enhance the effectiveness and capabilities of water-based products ranging from soil topicals to fire extinguishers.

RussKap’s dynamic partnership with Aerosolization Equity Investments offers our clients advanced aerosolization systems to treat and recycle wastewater.

Atmospheric Water Generation

By harnessing the abundance of water in the air around us, RussKap Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) is revolutionizing the way the we source water.

This technology has made possible an efficient, healthy, and long-term solution to the world’s water crisis.