Atmospheric Water Generation

Making drinking water from air
Pure Water for you

The Tiffany Unit
Up to 12 gallons

The Quench Unit
Up to 100 gallons

The Maxim Unit
Up to 200 gallons

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Russkap units saved the environment from thousands of water bottles reducing plastics per day

Covid Product Lineup

Products to prevent the spread of Covid -19

Environmental Remediation

Technology to help clean up toxic waste

Air and Space​

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Business Development and Consulting

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Words From Our Clients

"The Russkap units, the Maxim and the Tiffany, have redefined water logistics for the marine corps."

US Marine Corps Commander


"Best tasting water! The taste is incredible, healthy and pure."

Owner, Green Pineapple Wellness Center.

"I appreciate that they don't use chlorine, but rather the EPA recommended ozone treatment, and the taste of this water is excellent."

Homeowner in California

Help Us Save the World

Our goal is to provide the best technologies for making the world cleaner, safer, and more efficient.

Russkap Holdings, LLC has focused on proven technologies and innovative initiatives to provide practical remediation systems to promote all the species of our planet.

Together we can work on bringing the earth back to its original, if not better position. Our world’s future and the generations of all species depend on a continuous and moderate temperature and humidity with clean air and water.
Join Russkap Holdings by reducing plastic waste with atmospheric water generation, cleaning up mining industry tailings/waste, and cleaning the air and water from toxicity, for an environment that is clean, healthy and safe for all.